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Our Story

Our Story

At Flash Fire Pizza, we have one goal, Serving the Freshest, Fastest and Friendliest Food anywhere. We know that our customers want great ambiance, better quality, and healthier options at a fair price. That’s why Flash Fire strives to deliver these values in every detail of the experience to our guests.

Our menu has been finely tuned to offer everything from traditional favorites like the Margherita to foodier options like our amazing Sushi Pizza. Accompanying our handcrafted pizzas, delicious salads and scrumptious desserts is a wide variety of award winning craft beers and wines.


Our Dough

At times they say, the simplest things can become the most complex and that’s definitely true for our dough. We spent a year and half researching our dough recipe to find just the right mix. We looked for the perfect balance of a crispy, crunchy shell that would still offer a nice doughy flavorful profile. This isn’t easy when you are also trying to get the cook time under 3 minutes. After months of perfecting our recipe, we are proud with our final product and invite everyone to come in and test it out.

Our Sauce

With a simple and straight forward approach, our Flash Fire House Red Sauce uses a blend of 4 types of tomatoes and fresh herbs.  We’ve created a balanced sauce that compliments our other great ingredients. Made in house daily, we promise you will taste the freshness.


Our Produce

At flash fire, we shop our produce four to five times a week. Our main priority is to keep fresh produce on the shelves and on the line everyday to make sure our guests enjoy the freshest ingredients on their pizzas and salads.

Our Meats

We offer everything from Applewood Smoked Bacon and Prosciutto, to Chorizo and Pulled Pork. To ensure our fresh standards stay consistent, we slice all of our deli meats in house daily.